With this mini app you can save/edit/delete your favorite DNS’s and activate/deactivate them with a simple click.

Download From Microsoft Store

Git Repository

How To Use :

This application is so simple and straight forward.

  1. It will automatically detect your active internet connection, but you can still select your desire one from network list.
  2. You can edit your saved DNS with this button
  3. You can delete your saved DNS with this button
  4. You can activate/deactivate your saved DNS with this button
  5. This shows status of DNS
  6. You can add your new DNS with this button
  7. You can minimize the app and send it to tray with this button
  8. You can completely exit the app with this button

  1. DNS Name
  2. First IP address it must be something like up to
  3. Second IP address just like the first one


Privacy Policy :

+We don’t use or collect any data from your computer

+The security of your data is depends on the server you are connecting to

+It’s a free software , there is no fee or charge to use it

+We don’t accept any responsibility about anything such as data loss/leak or other things.

+Use the app at your own risk



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