Easy Network File Access (ENFA)

Years ago I was working on a project name ‘easyNMP’ that was based on combination of C# .NET and portable IIS for server side and UWP application for client side. The main idea was to provide an application for users to access their media on their windows-based computers from their UWP supported devices (windows mobile, xbox, hololens and other windows computers) over network.

But now we see that UWP platform is nearly dead , and setting IIS was really a headache , so the best solution for client side was to use web browsers that its a common tool in nearly any device that has screen 😀 and for the server side i tried to create my own mini IIS-like server (typically httpHandler).

The other thing I changed was the file types, we don’t have to limit file formats, it must support all files so I changed the project name to ENFA .

It’s a while I’m testing it and realized it’s ready for publish, so I will provide a published version (setup files) and source-code (for other developers). you can find download links below

Setup File | Source-Code

How To Use :

+ First of all you will need a computer running windows (I will publish another version based on .NetCore so you can use it on other platforms too)
+ Make sure that you have .NetFramework 4.5 or have working internet connection so app will automatically download and install the needed files.
+ Run the application as admin
+ choose your Computer IP address
+ Give it a password
+ Hit start button
😀 you are done just navigate to the written IP address and port (given at bottom of the application) on any web browser on any device in the same network.

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